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Reply to this post, and we will list three things we love, like, and/or appreciate about you. Maybe more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love.

Date: 2012-02-07 01:45 pm (UTC)
midnightlights: A cat standing on its hind legs with forelegs raised, text "FUCK YOU, I AM CAT". (fuck you I am cat)
From: [personal profile] midnightlights
ok, I feel bad doing this meme for most people because it's like HEY, FLATTER ME, BOOST MY EGO, I AM FORCING YOU TO PRETEND THERE'S SOMETHING AWESOME ABOUT ME.

But you're kind of obliged to act like you like me anyway, so hey. EGO BOOST, GO.

Date: 2012-02-07 07:52 pm (UTC)
midnightlights: A white kitten with its mouth open as if laughing. (lolkitten)
From: [personal profile] midnightlights
Oh my god and now I want matching Problem Sleuth tattoos.

you realise this is now a thing that must be done.

/poses as a team cause shit just got real

Date: 2012-02-08 04:37 am (UTC)
manifold: A spiraling scribble of white on black. (•████)
From: [personal profile] manifold
....don't mind me, I'm just randomly in love with the hypothetical matching Problem Sleuth tattoos

Date: 2012-02-07 03:33 pm (UTC)
fascination: A pair of roses in a vase. (Twin roses.)
From: [personal profile] fascination
Meeeee! :3

Date: 2012-02-08 04:43 am (UTC)
manifold: I'm at that awkward stage between birth and death. (awkward stage)
From: [personal profile] manifold
I confess that matters of time, space, and OH GOD NEWBS TAEK OVRE TEH FROTN make this meme awkward everywhere, so, uh, we'll also accept three favorite gluten-free foods instead? As an answer, you don't have to mail us rice CHEX.
Edited (TAG FAIL) Date: 2012-02-08 04:44 am (UTC)

Date: 2012-02-08 07:55 pm (UTC)
manifold: A cockatiel staring into rays of light. (•g3 : cockatiel)
From: [personal profile] manifold
In a really weird way you remind me of myself. I don't actually know if that's a compliment but there you are. :p I guess it means that even though there is you know, awkward turtle, I feel this sort of comfy familiarity as well?

CURRY We almost put this as an answer to you! But then we thought, that might combine with awkward turtle to create Super Galactic Awkward Turtle, so it shuffled down to become Unlockable Secret #4.

and then I wonder, "should I explain the 'x plus y equals SUPER GALACTIC Y'—" and Counter is going "JACK IS THE LAST PERSON YOU'D EVER NEED TO EXPLAIN THAT TO"

Date: 2012-02-08 07:50 am (UTC)
haleskarth: A person riding a bicycle with fairy lights woven into the spokes. (Lighting.)
From: [personal profile] haleskarth
Me! :)

Date: 2012-02-09 09:22 am (UTC)
haleskarth: A picture of Tilda Swinton laughing, from the film Constantine. (Which I have not seen, but I like her appearance.) (Laugh.)
From: [personal profile] haleskarth
Thank you! I very much appreciate what you have said about me. :) *prr*

Date: 2012-02-08 09:03 am (UTC)
spirals: (motherfucking science)
From: [personal profile] spirals
so this is terribly unfair of me, but why not. :3



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