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Okay you guys. Consider a largely film-based fandom. At which hypothetical book purchase does one cross the line from 'fanboy' to 'just sad'?

  • The 'art of the film' book?

  • The 'illustrated companion'?

  • The novelization?

  • 'Extended universe' type novels?

  • The junior novelization?

  • Those books with stickers and 'fun activities'?

  • Kid-only adaptations? I'm thinking...Bedtime with Batman* or something.

* This doesn't actually exist. Uh. I hope.
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Hello people! I've got a question.

What are your favourite love songs?
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[-- Got [community profile] writers? Check out the writers friending meme. --]
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About time that I make my first entry, huh? So, hi, everyone. Some of you will probably know me, either from LJ or from that misty, distant land of 'real life'.

For those of you that don't, I'm Jack. I am a writer, professional procrastinator, and unreformed fanboy. I like improbable journeys, colourful worlds and larger-than-life characters. Unsurprisingly, my biggest fandoms are (nearly) all space opera and/or comic books.

I'm most likely going to use this journal for posting memes, fannish crap, hand-wringing about my writing, and so on, and so forth. The only things that will be access-locked will be excerpts or discussion of plot points from unpublished original writing.

If I've subscribed to you, it's because you're interesting and possibly awesome.


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