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"If the cosmos is unbounded, all things must reside therein. So it is with the mind."
– Kitab al-Alacir (the Book of Ether)

[community profile] iam the Elan (Order of the Stick) of DreamWidth.

Interests (150):

a song of ice and fire, abarat, agnosticism, aliens, amateur spaceflight, angela carter, animation, anti-essentialism, anti-racism, asatru, atheist paganism, being lawful good, being pretentious, being silly, cartoons, cheesy sci-fi, chivalry, clive barker, comic books, courtly love, dancing games, darkness, deep space nine, deep-immersion roleplaying, discworld, doctor who, dragons, dungeons & dragons, expatriates, falconry, farscape, faster-than-light, fat acceptance, feminism, fiction as theology, flyboy enthusiasm, foe yay, formal wear, gallifrey, game of thrones, gargoyles, genetic engineering, genre-bending, giant robots, gloves, health at every size, heavy metal, hellsing, history of aviation, homoflexibility, honour, hyperspace, hávamál, ideals of knighthood, impractical weapons, ipkis eckvan, j.r.r. tolkien, jewish heritage, koschei, lord of the rings, losing myself in stories, loyalty, machines with souls, mage: the ascension, marvel comics, masks, metal gear solid 3, michael chabon, michael ende, middle-earth, morphological freedom, multiculturalism, mustache-twirling villains, mutation, my characters, mysteries, mystery science theatre 3000, nanowrimo, nikola tesla, nine noble virtues, norse mythology, not being a douche, not-so-imaginary friends, ornithopters, personal honour, plot devices, polyamory, post-scarcity, power metal, pre-wwi aviation, prog metal, queering everything, reality as fiction, regency romance, retrofuturism, robert e. howard, roleplaying, romanticism, runes, sailing improbable oceans, scars, science!, secrecy, secret lives, sehnsucht, sharp objects, silver-grey, sinister figures, slacking off, social justice, sons of ether, soulbonding, space activism, space opera, speculative fiction, steampulp, sucking at video games, suits, superluminal travel, superpowers, susanna clarke, synthpop, tentacle monsters, teratophilia, terry pratchett, the cobra unit, the culture, the master, the multiverse, the neverending story, the raven king, the world of tomorrow!, theta sigma, transformers, traversable wormholes, treasure planet, tropes, tv tropes, uchronia, video games, villain/hero pairings, warcraft, weird science, wing-bending, world of warcraft, worldbuilding, wormholes, writing, wyrd, xenophilia

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